Holiday Hats

Let us put a hat on you...

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Want a Santa hat added to your LiveJournal icon?
Post to the community with your request and our volunteers will help you out.
*limit one icon per user per holiday season

Made your own holiday icon?
Feel free to post it here too!

Happy Holidays!

All Holiday Hat icons are made by immorak.

A few lot of immorak's LiveJournal communities:
adbusters, blackeneddreams, boxband, boxcrew, bridgewater, crowfans, deathbox, deathboxnews, himcommunity, holidayhats, ihave, _kmfdm_, ljfreaks, ljfunnies, loud, lunenburg, newsworld, skilletfans, snowjam, thethingsuhate, thethingsulove, timhortons, whaaaaambulance, whatcommunity.